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Our Chocolate Fountain is a delightful addition to any event, offering a cascade of rich, smooth chocolate. It's perfect for dipping fruits and confectioneries, creating both a visual spectacle and a delicious treat for your guests. This elegant feature is sure to be a highlight, adding a touch of luxury and fun to your celebration.


Starting from £150

Extra Large 5-Tier Chocolate Fountain: A grand, commercial-sized fountain that becomes the centerpiece of any event.

Melting Chocolate: Smooth, rich chocolate perfectly melted for a delectable flow.

Choice of 5 or 7 Dips: Depending on your selection of standard or premium, choose from an array of delicious dips.

LED Surround: An illuminated light base that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Wooden Skewers: For easy, elegant dipping.

Floral Ring Arch: Customizable to match your event's colour scheme, adding a floral elegance.

Table Decor: Stylish decorations to enhance the overall beauty of the setup.

6 ft Round Table: Ample space to accommodate the fountain and its accompaniments.

Extension Cables: Ensuring seamless operation no matter the venue layout.

Plates & Napkins: All essential supplies provided for a hassle-free experience.

Friendly Trained Staff Member: A professional attendant to serve your guests and maintain the fountain.

Variety of Dips: A tempting selection including croissants, waffles, mini rolls, strawberries, bananas, grapes, brownies, flapjacks, donuts, raspberries, and marshmallows.

Diverse Dietary Options: We cater to vegetarian, vegetable-centric, kosher, and halal preferences, ensuring inclusivity for all guests.


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