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Indulge in a sweet twist at your event with our delightful Pancake Cart for hire! Elevate the experience for your guests as they savor freshly-made, fluffy pancakes prepared right before their eyes.


Starting from £170

Elegant Décor: Our cart is beautifully adorned, creating a charming atmosphere.

Freshly-Made Mini Pancakes: Enjoy pancakes made fresh to order, cooked to golden perfection right before your eyes.

Luxurious Sauce Selection: Personalise your pancakes with a selection of sumptuous sauces. Choose from our exquisite assortment including Classic Chocolate, Creamy White Chocolate, Divine Lotus Biscoff, Rich Caramel, Velvety Pistachio, and Luscious Strawberry.

Assorted Toppings Selection: Elevate your pancakes with a choice of six toppings. Options include Crushed Oreos, Lotus Crumbles, Chocolate Wafer Bits, Fresh Strawberries, Banana Slices, Colourful Sprinkles, Roasted Nuts, Tangy Sherbert, and Crunchy Honeycomb.

Essential Accessories: We provide all the necessary napkins, forks, and plates for a seamless experience.

Professional Attendant: Our friendly attendant will ensure your pancakes are perfectly made and served with a smile.

Complete Service: We handle everything - from setup and delivery to collection, so you can relax and enjoy your event.

Diverse Dietary Options: Catering to every preference, our selections include vegetarian, vegetable-centric, kosher, and halal choices, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Personalised Cart Messaging: Elevate your event with a bespoke touch. For an additional fee, we offer the option to customise the cart with your personal message, making your celebration truly unique.


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