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Elevate your event with our Mocktail and Tea Services, where sophistication meets refreshment! Indulge your guests in a delightful experience of expertly crafted mocktails or a soothing selection of premium teas.


Starting from £30

Tea Service:

Variety of Teas: Offering a choice of English tea, Kashmiri tea, or Karak tea.

Cups Provided: Suitable cups for the perfect tea experience.

Napkins Included: Ensuring a tidy and enjoyable tea service.

Complete Service Package: Includes setup, delivery, and collection for a seamless experience.

Mocktail Service:

Flavour Options: Choose between 3 or 4 mocktail flavours for a varied and refreshing experience.

Glasses Included: Elegant glasses provided for serving mocktails.

Personalisation Service: Available for an additional charge to add a custom touch.

Service Flexibility: Option to have a live serving bar or as welcome drinks, tailored to your event's needs.


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